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About Us

About Us

Roumei (Hong Kong) Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech start-up based on the transformation and application of new nanomaterials of light-emitting semiconductor quantum rods. Our goal is to double the efficiency of LED products for display and general lighting applications. Modern monitors are inefficient and consume a lot of energy at the same time. For example, Hong Kong consumed over 158,000 terajoules of electricity in 2020, of which 300-600 terajoules of energy was consumed through visual displays, equivalent to 550-1100 kilotons of carbon dioxide emissions, which came from visual displays only, excluding Other supporting electronic components. Decarbonization is one of the current global important issues. The European Union, mainland China, Hong Kong and other places have already revised the regulations on lighting products including displays. Decarbonisation was the main agenda for the Hong Kong government in the Hong Kong Chief Executive's annual address.


In Hong Kong, electricity production accounts for two-thirds of greenhouse gas emissions. The Hong Kong government aims to cut carbon emissions by 50% by 2035, at which point utilities such as CLP and Hong Kong Power will need to stop using coal to generate electricity. However, the Chief Executive also mentioned in a 2021 policy report that "it is not impossible" and further said that commercial buildings need to reduce usage by 30 to 40 percent and residential buildings by 20 to 30 percent . To achieve this milestone, we had to consider all factors and reduce the power consumption of the display. The European Union has the same concern, and has revised the power consumption standards for display and lighting products.


Roumei has a monopoly on designing new materials called quantum rods (QRs). The unique properties of these nanomaterials are higher thermal stability, high quantum efficiency in the solid state, tunable wavelengths (colors) in the full visible range, bidirectional coupling efficiency, polarized emission and low reabsorption. Therefore, these down-converting quantum rods can improve the efficiency and color saturation of modern LEDs for displays and general lighting products. 


    Key Management


Dr. Maksym Prodanov



Dr. Maksym F. Prodanov has a PhD in chemistry and a big experience in field of nanomaterials synthesis, luminescent semiconductor nanoparticles and their application for displays, including his work in HKUST. He is one of the inventors of thermally stable QRs with emission tuned in the whole visible range which is patented from HKUST.

Prof. Abhishek Srivastava


Prof. Abhishek Srivastava is an expert in the field of the display technology. He is senior member of SID

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