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Technical Features

The thermal quenching of quantum dots restricts their application in LED.Our solution is thermally stable quantum rods.

In addition to high stability, the rod-like shape of quantum rods immediately brings two important benefits over the quantum dots.

That is twice increased light extraction efficiency and polarized emission.

It means that it is possible to increase the luminous efficiency of emitting film twice compared to quantum dots which have emission in all directions.

In addition, QRs possess seriously less reabsorption of the emitted light and therefore less light losses within the emitting material. This makes quantum rods much more efficient compared to quantum dots.

We employ a specially designed gradient composition for our quantum rods. And, beside the higher stability, it enables the fine tuning of the color in a very precise manner in the whole visible range.

Our material has stable brightness up to 200 °C which is significantly better of that for conventional quantum rods and dots. This unique material opens a way to a new generation of LEDs with on-chip coated quantum down-converting nanomaterial.

We successfully integrated our quantum material in LED and fabricated prototypes of QRLEDs.

The efficiency of our LED is around 150 lm/W which is the highest value in segment of wide color gamut white LEDs.

Using our QRLEDs we assembled a display backlight unit. This QR display shows very wide color gamut covering almost 97% of BT2020

which is much better than conventional commercially available phone/monitor display. BT2020 is the newest color standard for coming UHD 8K television and this trend requires constant improvement in the LED technology.

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